Упражнение 5 английский язык 6 класс – ГДЗ по Английскому языку за 6 класс


Грамматические упражнения по английскому языку (6 класс)

Грамматические упражнения для 6 класса.

В этом разделе даны тренировочные задания по грамматике английского языка для учеников 6 класса. Начнем с повторения глагола to be и времен.

To be.

Упражнение 1. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

  1. Can I talk to Molly, please? — She _________ (is/are) busy now.

  2. What ______ (am/is/are) you painting? — I_________ (am/is/are) not painting now.

  3. My friends______ (am/are) working now.

  4. Where __________ (am/is/are) uncle Patrick on a holiday? — In Kenya.

  5. Why___________ (am/is/are) Nickolas crying? —He’s lost the

Present Continuous.

Упражнение 2. Определите предложения, в которых глаголы употреблены Present Continuous.

  1. Frank gets up at 6 o’clock.

  2. What is auntie Pam doing now?

  3. At 4 o’clock Molly is doing her tests.

  4. My friend often goes hiking.

  5. Sandy’s going to eat less fatty food.

Past Simple.

Упражнение 3. Употребите  Present Perfect или Past Simple.

  1. Meredith _________ (live) in Кenya last year.

  2. The rain_________ (stop) two hours ago.

  3. Masha_________ (buy) a new hat.

  4. The wind _________ (to blow) off the old man’s hat, and he cannot catch it.

  5. We just_________ (to meet) our math teacher.

  6. Sergio _________ (to go) home.

  7. He _______ (to leave) the room a moment ago.

  8. Fred_________ (to change) so much.

  9. Anything ______ (to happen)?

Present Perfect.

Упражнение 4. Определите  предложения, в которых глаголы употреблены в Present Perfect.

  1. My name is Lisa.

  2. Sally has a lot of questions to ask.

  3. Molly has never been to Tanzania.

  4. I had a good holiday last year.

  5. Have Sally and Molly ever been to North Africa?


Упражнение 5. Переведите предложения на английский язык.

  1. Ты купил подарок бабушке?

  2. Мередит еще не видела этот фильм.

  3. Я только что разбил вазу.

  4. Вероника только что вернулась из Парижа.

  5. Петр уже сделал домашнее задание.

Упражнение 6. Задайте вопросы к предложениям.

  1. I’ve been to Mir. — When

  2. I’ve read this book. — When

  3. I’ve just come from village. — How long

  4. I’ve broken a vase. — What

  5. I’ve met Kate. — Where

Past Continuous.

Упражнение 7. Underline Past Continuous forms.

  1. When I saw Nick, he was writing a letter.

  2. At 2 o’clock my mother Fiona was cooking soup.

  3. The father was not sleeping when little Freddie opened the door.

  4. At 10 o’clock, Samantha was doing homework.

  5. When the old teacher came in, the children were talking.

Упражнение 8.  Complete the sentences using Past Continuous.

  1. When my mother came home, I

  2. On Saturday at 9 o’clock my brother

  3. When the telephone suddenly rang, we still

  4. When I met my friend yesterday, he

  5. From 2 till 5 o’clock yesterday I

Комплексные упражнения на времена для 6 класса.

Упражнение 9. Выберите корректный вариант.

  1. Не_________ (is/are) going to be a teacher. He likes children.

  2. We’ll go on a bicycle__________ (last/next) Sunday.

  3. What_______ (am/are) you going to do after school?

  4. I think I (wan’t/won’t) go to the village next summer.

  5. I_________ (am/is) going to go to the mountains.

Упражнение 10. Найдите в тексте 5 ошибок.

Summer is my favourite time of the year because it are vacation time. Last summer I go to my granny in Russia. We also go to Moscow. I loved staying in hotels. There is swimming pools there and I is very happy.

Упражнение 11. Вставьте last night, ever, just, yet, always в нужном месте:

  1. My uncle went to Bosnia.

  2. Scot has come back from America.

  3. Have you been to Yemen?

  4. You haven’t visited your granny.

  5. I clean my teeth two times a day.

Упражнение 12. Подчеркните правильную опцию.

  1. Why (do, have) you bought so much sugar?

  2. What foreign language (have / do) you know?

  3. Where (do, have) you celebrate New Year?

  4. Why (do, have) you broken this toy?

  5. What (do, have) you do every day?

Упражнение 13. Choose the correct word for each conversation.

  1. (Would/Do) you like a cup of tea? Yes, please. I’m very thirsty.

  2. (Would/do) you like steak? No, I don’t eat meat.

  3. Tom (would like/likes) something to drink. I’ll bring mineral water.

  4. What is your favorite meat?  I (would like/like) chicken.

  5. Can I help you?  Yes? I (would like/like) an ice-cream.

Другие упражнения по грамматике для 6 класса.

Упражнение 14. Образуйте множественное число существительных

a wolf —    

a bison —

a sheep —

a tooth —

a glass —

an ox —

Упражнение 15. Образуйте степени сравнения.

short   —  

bad   —    

boring —

far –

Вопросительные предложения.

Упражнение 16.  Put the words in the correct order to make the questions.

  1. Did, happen, when, the accident

  2. Do, the boys, do, what, housework

  3. Machines, what, you, can, use

  4. Does, Molly, what, do, her, room, in

  5. You, do, like, film, this

Упражнение 17.  Complete the questions with the words how much, how many.

  1. _________ milk would you like?

  2. _________ sweets have you eaten?

  3. ________cabbage do you want to buy?

  4. _________ biscuits have you bought?

  5. _________ eggs have you added?

Упражнение 18. Complete the tail questions.

  1. The book is very interesting,_______?

  2. You haven’t seen The Lost World: Jurassic Park yet,________?

  3. You can go to granny tomorrow, ________?

  4. My brother thinks adventure stories are exciting, ________?

  5. Kate really likes eating ice-cream, ________?

Упражнение 19. Ask questions.

  1. Greg finished repairing his bicycle yesterday. — When __________?

  2. Yesterday Nelly was working at her English from 5 till 7. — How long ?

  3. My sister is in the kitchen. — Where ?

  4. Little Millie is brushing her teeth at the moment. — What ?

  5. Aunt Pam got a postcard from her cousin two days ago. — When ?

Упражнение 20. Fill in have to/has to, don’t / doesn’t have to, etc

  1. Sandy________ buy any milk. Her sister melody has already bought it.

  2. I don’t have a pencil. I________ ask somebody for a pencil.

  3. Nick is studying literature. He______ read a lot of books.

  4. ______ you______learn the poem by heart? No, I know it.

  5. I_________ clean the blackboard. Tim has already cleaned it.

Лексические упражнения для 6 класса.

Упражнение 21. Соотнесите слова и их перевод.







a)                   опасный

b)                   растение

c)                   за границей

d)                   опасность

e)                   дикий







a) крест

b) удобный

c) столица

d) гимн

e) население

Упражнение 22. Fill in when or while.

  1. Fred was watching TV, ________ Pit was reading.

  2. _________ mother came into the room, Anthony was sleeping.

  3. Melody was crying ______ Derek first saw her.

  4. Gill was cooking _______ the phone rang.

  5. _________ Steven was thinking, the train left.

Упражнение 23.  Match these verbs with the words.

1.       Do

2.       Make

3.       Clean

4.       Wash

5.       Water

a) the plants

b) your homework

c) the bed

d) the dishes

e) the house

Упражнение 24. Put these words into the most suitable column.

Steak, cucumber, onion, ham, potatoes, apple, lemon, carrot, bacon, grapes




Упражнение 25. Put the words into the correct order to make sentences.

  1. has to, stay, Ann, at school, lessons, after

  2. get, early, up, tomorrow, don’t, have to, I

  3. the dates, have to, they, learn, by heart

  4. have to, the, blackboard, clean, I

  5. don’t, eat, have to, you, the soup

Упражнение 26. Use the words to complete the sentences.

 exciting, boring, amusing, touching, horror

  1. The “Titanic” is a very _________ film.

  2. The film was very_________- , so I fell asleep.

  3. “Car” is an__________cartoon for the whole family.

  4. The “Star wars” is a very__________ film, so I couldn’t stop watching it.

  5. The “Dracula” was a __________ film, so I was not asleep.


Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку (6 класс) по теме: Задания олимпиады 5-6 класс

Комитет по образованию правительства Санкт-Петербурга

Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет

НОУ Центр гуманитарных  исследований  « Конвенция »

         Санкт-Петербургский городской дворец творчества юных

Х Всероссийская олимпиада по английскому языку

Районный этап

6 декабря  2008 года, 14.00       9 -11 классы

Продолжительность тура 1.,5 часа (90 минут)  

Task 1 Fill in the gaps in the text with the correct options.

One of the commonest questions asked about animals in Antarctica is how they cope __(1) the extreme cold conditions that are found __(2).  Antarctic birds and mammals — penguins, whales and seals — are warm blooded animals and they ___ (3) their body temperatures ___(4) to warm blooded  animals in any ___ (5) climate zone — that is about 35 — 42°C.  They have to keep high body temperatures to remain ___ (6). Tropical animals with more variable body temperatures __(7) as reptiles and amphibians can warm ___ (8) by lying in the sun if they cool down — and they never cool down that ___ (9). An Antarctic animal will never ___ (10) enough energy from the surroundings to become active if it allows ___(11) to cool  so they have to stay  warm to be active.




























































Task 2 Read the text and form the appropriate parts of speech from the words in CAPITAL LETTERS at the end of each line.

Some writers have considered the pizza an invention of the man who is

_______(12) for making it an international dish, but the fact  that this man worked in a pizzeria makes it _______(13) to call him the father of pizza! In 1889, Rafaele Esposito of the Pizzeria di Pietro e Basta Cosi (now called Pizzeria Brandi) baked pizza ________ (14) for the visit of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita. To make the pizza a little more ________ (15)- looking, Esposito used red tomato sauce, white mozzarella cheese and green basil ______ (16) to  represent the colours of the Italian flag. Queen Margherita  loved the pizza, and what eventually became Pizza Margherita has since become an  ______ (17) dish. Pizzeria Brandi, now more than 200 years old, still _____ (18) displays a _______ (19) thank-you note signed by Galli Camillo, «head of the table of the royal household», dated June 1889.









©Составление НОУ ЦГИ «Конвенция», 2008

©Tasks  1,2. 3  Up&Up team, 2008

Task 3 Read the text and choose the option (A, B, C or D) you think fits best.

‘So?’ William asked over supper. ‘How was your first day?’

He looked around the table at the five of us, the first strands of spaghetti slooped into our mouths. ‘Honour?’

‘Fine.’ She kept her eyes on her plate and I saw Jake glance at the narrow line of her high shoulders up against each ear.

‘Jake?’ William bent forward, waiting to hear the worst, but Jake looked clear into his eyes and said it had been good. ‘We’re doing woodwork. And I’m making a bowl.’

‘That’s great.’

‘Yes, a pudding bowl.’ He said, dipping his chin with mirth, and he glanced meaningfully at William’s dark brown round of hair.

‘At kindergarten,’ Pandora piped up, ‘we sang lots of songs.’ And she started lisping one into her father’s ear. ‘And they played it on a ladle, a ladle, a ladle and they played it on a ladle and his name was Aikin Drum.’

‘And how about you, Lolly?’ William asked, serious, as if there might be a reason why she should need particularly to be asked, and Lolly told us all about her teacher Miss Bibeen, and how she’d been on holiday in Japan. ‘She told us about it for the whole main lesson.’ And Lolly launched into a detailed account.

I waited, sucking up spaghetti, slowing each mouthful for my turn, but William got up to fill the water jug and without seeming to see me, he began to tell us about a school play he wanted to direct.

20 How many people were there at the table?

A six

B five

C four

D three

21 William was asking the children about their first day

A in a new family.

B at school and kindergarten.

С in a summer camp.

D at a new home.

22  That day Jake had a lesson in

A  Literature

B  English

C  Handicrafts

D  Physical Education

23 Who is the youngest among the children?

A  Lolly

B  Pandora

C  Jake

D  Honour

24  ‘Pipe up’ (in bold in the text) means

A  enter  a conversation

B  smoke a pipe

C  look into a room

D  make a noise

25 In her main lesson that day Lolly was

A  doing woodwork

B  singing songs

C  doing sums

D  listening to the teacher

Task 4 The questions in this quiz are riddles — they may appear strange, but they all have logical answers. Find the correct answer in the list below.

26         What do elephants do when it rains?

27         Why do businessmen carry umbrellas?

28         What kind of umbrella does a businessman carry when it’s raining very hard?

29         Twelve businessmen were standing under one small umbrella, but none of them got wet. Why?

30         Why did William Shakespeare wear a red and green belt?

31         Who wears the biggest boots in the army?

32        How do you stop water coming into your house?

33        What kind of lion has purple feet?

34         Why do giraffes have long necks?

35        Why do white sheep sleep more than black sheep?

36        What can fall on water without getting wet?

A        The soldier with the biggest feet.

B        Holes.

C        A very wet one.

D        The kind that makes its own wine.

E        Because there are more of them.

F        Because it wasn’t raining.

G        Because umbrellas can’t walk.

H         To keep his trousers up.

I        A shadow

J        They get wet

K        Stop paying your water bill

L        To join their heads to their bodies

Task 5 Read the descriptions and guess the names of the special days they define. Match the names to the descriptions.

37         The forth Thursday in November – Day of giving thanks to God

38        14th February – Day on which people send romantic messages to each other

39         1st May – Holiday in honour of workers

40         1st January – the first day of the year

41        12the October – Celebrates Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the West Indies in 1492

42        The third Sunday in June – in honour of fathers.

43        25th December – Celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ in many countries of the world

44         4-th July – Celebrates the American Declaration of Independence in 1776

A        * * *  DA*

B        * * * IST* * *  DA*

C        N* *  Y* * R’S DAY

D        * * * UMB * *  DAY

E         * * * EPE * * * NCE  * * Y

F        * * * NKS * * * ING  * * Y

G        * * * ENT * * * ‘S  D* **

H         * * * HER *   * AY

Task 6  The following text is completely mixed up. Put the text in order by numbering the lines. Line A comes first in the text; line M is the last one.

A        Two friend were travelling on the same road

B        climbed into a tree and hid. The other, seeing that single-handed he was no

C        him dead, walked slowly away. When Bruin was well out of sight the first

D        a dead body. The bear approached him, sniffing at his nose and ears, but the

E        together when suddenly they came face to face with a large bear. In great

F        to be dead, for he had heard that a bear will not touch

G        my perch that he put his mouth very close to your ear.’ ‘Why,’ replied the other, ‘it was no great secret. He

H        fear, and without a thought about his companion, one man immediately

I        traveller came down from his tree and asked his companion what it

J        match for Bruin the bear, threw himself on the ground and pretended

K        man, with great courage, held his breath and kept still, and at length the bear, thinking

L        was that the bear had said to him. ‘For,’ said he ‘I observed from  

M        wisely advised me not to keep company with those who. When they get into difficulty, leave their friends in the lurch.’
















Task 7 Fill in the gaps in the text with the correct options.

The Dove and the Ant

Through the forest __(58) a clear bubbling steam and under a blade of grass on the bank __(59) an ant. She __ (60) very thirsty and __(61) over to __ (62) a drink, but as she __ (63) so she __ (64) and __ (65) into the water.

The strong current __ (66) her away, __ (67) her far off down the stream. As hard as she __ (68) she __(69) not manage to swim to the bank. At that moment a dove __ (70) by and, __ (71) the struggling ant, __ (72) pity on her distress. She __(73) a branch from a nearby tree and  __(74) it into the water. The ant did not __(75) but clambered nimbly on to the branch and at last __(76) the safety of the bank.

Not long after this, the ant __(77) out for a stroll when she __(78) upon the dove again. A hunter was just about to trap the bird with a large net. Seeing what was going to __(79), the ant __(80)  sharply into the man’s heel and made him __(81) out in surprise.

The dove heard him, took fright and __(82) away.








were running

was run




had sit

is sit










has been bent



to take





is done

is did




















being  carried



had tried



has tried





ought to



had fleed






being seen  





























is being





has come























Task 1

1 – B 2 – C 3 – A 4 – B 5 – D 6 – D 7 – B 8 – A – 9 – C 10 – D 11 — A

Task 2

12 – responsible

13 – difficult

14 – especially / specially

15 – patriotic

16 – leaves

17 – international

18 – proudly

19 – royal


Task 3

20 – A 21 – B 22 – C 23 – B 24 – A 25 — D

Task 4

26 – J

27 – G

28 – C

29 – F

30 – H

31 – A

32 – K

33– D

34 – L

35– E

36 – I  

Task 5

37 – F  38 – G  39 – A  40 – C  41 – D  42 – H  43 – B  44 — E

Task 6

45 – A 46 —  E 47 – H 48 – B 49 – J 50 – F 51 – D 52 – K 53 – C 54 – I 55 – L 56 – G 57 – M

Task 7

58 – A 59 – B 60 – A 61 – C 62 – C 63 – D 64 – B 65 – C 66 – A 67 – A 68 – B 69 – C 70 – C

71 – A 72 – D 73 – A 74 – A 75 – D 76 – B 77 – C 78 – A 79 – D 80 – A 81 – B 82 — C


Английский язык 5 класс упражнения с ответами.

Перед вами – подборка упражнений для 5 класса с ответами. Упражнения разделены на 2 группы:

Эти упражнения по английскому языку вы можете использовать в качестве тренировочных в 5 классе. Они помогут закрепить знания по основным темам.

Если же данные упражнения слишком сложны – попробуйте упражнения для 4 класса. На сайте также есть лексико-грамматический тест для 5 класса и тест по чтению по теме SCHOOL для 5 класса.

Грамматические упражнения для 5 класса.

Упражнение 1.  Fill in the correct article where necessary.

  1. _______ butter is made of milk.
  2. My mother is in ____ kitchen now.
  3. I usually have ____ tea for breakfast.
  4. After school we went ____ home.
  5. Pupils do homework in ____ evening.
  6. ____ USA is a big country.
  7. I live in ____ big city.

Упражнение 2. Fill in the correct preposition where necessary.

  1. This is the most peaceful place ____ the world.
  2. I live ____ Lesnaya street.
  3. Yesterday Nick went _____ Moscow.
  4. All pupils always listen ____ the teacher.
  5. My school is not far ____ my house.
  6. Give ____ him this book.
  7. The family went to the sea _____ bus.
  8. We live _____ a noisy city.
  9. It was very cold ____ Monday.
  10. Do you learn poems ____ heart at school?

Упражнение 3. Write the plural forms of the nouns.

  • Fox –
  • Sheep –
  • Child –
  • Puppy –
  • Table –
  • Country –
  • Foot –
  • Shoe
  • Birthday –
  • Potato —

Упражнение 4. Make the right form.

  1. His answer was _______ (bad) than mine.
  2. She is _____ (young) than her brother.
  3. Helen is __________ (good) pupil in the class.
  4. My nephew watched ____________ (interesting) film yesterday.
  5. I think the city is _________ (dirty) than the country.

Упражнение 5. Put in the correct tense form.

  • Olga ________ (read) a book now.
  • The boys _______ (break) the window yesterday.
  • Mike ________ (be) happy yesterday.
  • My father ________ (not to often watch) TV.
  • My father _________ (visit) Great Britain last year.
  • They _______ (win) a competition last year.
  • They____________ (visit / already) the British museum.
  • I hope they ________ (return) tomorrow.
  • Can you help me? I _______ (look) for my book.
  • Yesterday granny ________ (bring) me a puppy as a present.
  • Laura ______ (go) to school five days a week.
  • We first ________ (meet) in 2014.
  • Nick _______ (take part) in a regatta next week.
  • Mike _________ (not to behave) well at school yesterday.
  • There ________ (be) only one apple on the table.

Упражнение 6. Fill in much or many

  1. There are ____ apples on the plate.
  2. There is _____ bread in the bread bin.
  3. There is ____ milk in the bottle.
  4. There are ____ oranges in the box.
  5. There is ____ water in the kettle.

Упражнение 7. Fill in some or any

  1. There is _________juice in the cup.
  2. There aren’t ________ old trees in the park.
  3. Is there ________ money in your pocket?
  4. There is _______ some meat in the soup.
  5. We haven’t got ________ small pets.

Лексические упражнения для 5 класса.

Упражнение 1. Arrange phrases of the telephone conversation in a correct order

  1. Why not! See you tomorrow morning then
  2. Have you ever been to an art gallery?
  3. I don’t know yet
  4. What are you going to do on Saturday?
  5. No, I have never been there
  6. Let’s go then. It’s worth seeing

Упражнение 2. Write the word according to the topic.

Summer, T-shirt, rainy, trousers, carpet, hot, cloudy, armchair, windy, bed, shorts, kitchen, skirt



















Упражнение 3.  Use the right word to complete the sentences.

  1. The boys (am, are, is, do) playing football
  2. (Do, Does, Is) Mike at home?
  3. Teachers like (child, childs, children).
  4. (There, It) are many interesting stories in the book.

Упражнение 4. Put the words in the right order to make sentences.

  1. We / six / every / have / seven / day / or / lessons
  2. She / helping / her / in / is / mother / kitchen / the / now
  3. Pens / my / in / pencils / are / and / pencil-box / the
  4. Many / got / you / friends / have?
  5. TV / yesterday / friend / didn’t / watch / my

Упражнение 5. Choose the correct word from the box to complete the sentences.

Timetable, uniform, bookcase, Sundays, blackboard, comfortable


  1. Put the books into the __________, please!
  2. We don’t go to school on _________.
  3. I don’t wear a _________ at school.
  4. My classroom is __________ and clean.
  5. There is a __________ in my classroom.
  6. How many subjects are there in your _______?

Ответы к упражнениям по английскому языку для 5 класса.


Упражнение 1. 1- , 2-the, 3- , 4- , 5-the, 6 – the, 7-a

Упражнение 2. 1 in; 2 in; 3 to; 4 to; 5 from; 6 — ; 7 by; 8 in; 9 on; 10 by

Упражнение 3. 1 foxes, 2 sheep, 3 children, 4 puppies, 5 tables, 6 countries, 7 feet, 8 shoes, 9 birthdays, 10 potatoes

Упражнение 4. 1 worse, 2 younger, 3 the best, 4 an interesting, 5 dirtier  

Упражнение 5. 1 is reading, 2 broke, 3 was, 4 doesn’t often watch, 5 visited, 6 won, 7 have already visited, 8 will return, 9 am looking, 10 brought, 11 goes, 12 met, 13 will take, 14 didn’t behave, 15 is (was)

Упражнение 6. 1 many, 2 much, 3 much, 4 many, 5 much

Упражнение 7. 1 some, 2 any, 3 any, 4 some, 5 any


Упражнение 1. 4 / 3 / 2 / 5 / 6 / 1

Упражнение 2.

Clothes: t-shirt, trousers, shorts, skirt

Weather: summer, rainy, hot, cloudy, windy,

Home: carpet, armchair, bed, kitchen

Упражнение 3.

1 are, 2 is, 3 children, 4 there

Упражнение 4.

  1. We have six or seven lessons every day.
  2. She is helping her mother in the kitchen now.
  3. My pens and pencils are in the pencil box.
  4. Have you got many friends?
  5. My friend didn’t watch TV yesterday.

Упражнение 5.

1 bookcase, 2 Sundays, 3 uniform, 4 comfortable, 5 blackboard, 6 timetable

Надеюсь, вам понравились эти упражнения для 5 класса.

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Тексты (топики) на английском языке 5, 6 класс с вопросами. Часть 1

Тематические тексты (топики) для тех, кто изучает английский язык в школе (5-6 класс). Данные тексты на английском языке предназначены для повторения пройденных тем, развития  письменной и разговорной речи. Вопросы к текстам могут быть использованы, как основа для диалогов. Слова и выражения в текстах соответствуют пройденной в этих классах лексике. К сайту подключен словарь. Чтобы узнать перевод незнакомого слова, нужно кликнуть по нему 2 раза.  К текстам прилагаются списки слов для повторения по указанным ниже темам, а также задания по теме «Личное письмо».

Тексты (топики):
  1. О себе. About myself
  2. Моя семья. My family and me.
  3. Мои друзья. My friends.
  4. Место, где я живу. My place.
  5. Школа. My School
  6. Мой день рождения. My birthday.
  7. Мой день. My day.
  8. Как я помогаю по дому. How I help about the house.
  9. Хобби. My Hobby.
  10. Мой домашний питомец. My Pet.

* * *

Тексты (топики) на английском языке (5-6 класс)


Текст 1. About Myself

My name is … . I am … years old.

I am in the … th form. We learn different subjects but my favourite subject is …

I live in … . I have a mother, a father, a sister and a brother. My family is friendly and loving.

I am tall (short). My hair is straight and long. I have big brown eyes.

I have got many friends. My best friend is … . We often spend time together. We like to ….

* * *

Текст 2. My Family and Me

My family is large. There are 6 of us: father, mother, my sister, two brothers and me. My family is friendly and loving.

My father’s name is …. He is clever and kind. He is a doctor by profession.

My mother’s name is …. She is busy and loving. She doesn’t work. She is a housewife.

My elder sister’s name is … She is a very beautiful girl. Her hobby is singing.
My younger brother’s name is … He is very active. He likes sport.

My hobby is drawing. I like to draw in my free time. Also I like reading books. My favourite writer is …

At the weekends all the members of our family spend time together. We go for a walk, visit museums, go to the cinema or to the theatre.

I love my family very much.

* * *

Текст 3. My Friends

I have got a close friend. His name is… My friend is in the same form as me. He studies well. He is a good pupil and a good friend. He often helps me to do homework.

I like to spend time with my friend. We go for a walk, talk about music and go to the cinema together.

I have got another friend…. (his/her name). She is a nice girl. Her favourite subject is English. She spends a lot of time on it and knows it very well. Also she is fond of music. She can play the piano very well.

I like my friend very much and think that we are true friends.

* * *

Текст 4. My Place
  • neither … nor — ни … ни…
  • It’s a pity! — Жаль!

I live in a flat. It is neither big nor small. It is on the fifth floor. Our flat has two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a hall.

Our living room is big. It is light because it has a large window. To the left of the window there is a piano. To the right of the window there is an old wardrobe. In the middle of the room there is a big round table. We often gather together at this table and play table games. On the walls there are beautiful paintings of modern artists.

I have my own room. It is small. It hasn’t got much furniture but it is very cosy. It is a pity that there is no balcony in my room.

Our kitchen is big and comfortable. We have a big fridge and a microwave oven. We usually have breakfast and supper in the kitchen.

I like my flat.

* * *

Текст 5. My School

I live in Russia. In my country the school year starts in September. It has four or three terms.

I go to school № 2009. This year I am in the 5th form. I have 5 or 6 lessons a day. The lessons start at half past 8. My favourite lesson is Art. I like drawing and our teacher is very kind. She always gives us good marks. I have many other subjects in my timetable too.

I have lunch at half past 10. I have dinner at school, too. I don’t go home after dinner. I stay at school and have fun with my friends. I sometimes do my homework at school, too.

I like school, but I don’t like lessons. The school year finishes in May. We have summer holidays in June, July and August. I love summer!

* * *

Текст 6. My Birthday

I have my birthday on the … of … (month). I like my birthday because I get a lot of presents.

Last year I got a … This year I hope my parents will give me … as a birthday present.

I usually have a birthday party at home and we have a big meal. All my family gather around a big table. There is a birthday cake with candles on it. All my relatives say “Happy birthday” to me.

Next day I invite my friends and organize games and quizes, sing songs and play jokes. We usually have fun.

I enjoy my birthday party very much.

* * *

Текст 7. My Day

I usually get up at 7 o’clock on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. At the weekends I get up late because I don’t have to go to school (work).
After that I go to the bathroom and wash my face. Next I make my bed and dress.
I have breakfast at half past 7. I usually have a glass of juice and a sandwich.
I leave home at 8 o’clock. My school is near my house and it takes me 5 minutes to get there. I usually have 6 lessons at school. For example, today I have English, Russian, Science, Maths, History and Art.
I come home at 2 o’clock and have dinner. Then I have a little rest and start doing my homework.
In the evening I have supper and then watch TV or play computer games.
I go to bed at 10 o’clock.

* * *

Текст 8. How I help about the house
  • take turns — делать по очереди
  • don’t mind — не возражать

I live with my parents and I have to help about the house. Every Sunday I do my room. I dust the furniture and vacuum the carpet. I water the flowers once a week.
I help my mother to lay the table. I wash the dishes after dinner. We take turns with my brother.
Sometimes I help my mother make cakes and pies. I seldom go shopping only when my mother asks me. I buy bread and fruit.
I understand that I must help my parents because they work hard. And I don’t mind doing it.

* * *

Текст 9. My Hobby

Hobby is what people like to do in their free time. We choose a hobby to our tastes. Hobby makes our life interesting. Sometimes it helps us to choose our future profession.
I have got a hobby too. My hobby is …… When I have free time, I always … (describe your hobby)
Also I like to make toys in my free time. I like reading books, too. My favourite writer is …
If your hobby is cooking, you can say how you make cakes and pies.

Текст 10. My Pet
Запомните выражение: I have a hamster as a pet. — У меня есть домашнее животное, хомяк.

I keep a hamster as a pet.  — Я держу дома хомяка.

Hello there! I would like to tell you about my pet. It is a hamster and her name is Sue.

Sue is about one year old. She is very funny. She has soft skin and bright black eyes. Sue is very lively (подвижная) and likes to run around a wheel in her cage.

I keep her cage in the hall because she makes noise at night. But in the daytime I let her run about the flat and play with her.

Sue eats vegetables and I feed her every day. I clean her cage every week. I like to take care of my pet.

I hope that one day my parents will buy me one more pet. I would like to get a rabbit on my birthday.

Эти тексты нужно дополнить и уметь рассказывать. Заучивать наизусть тексты НЕ НАДО. Ниже вы найдете список вопросов к текстам, на которые надо уметь отвечать.

* * *

Задания и вопросы к текстам на английском языке (5-6 класс)

Text 1. About Myself

1. Complete the text.

My name is _______. I am ________years old. I live in _______.

I have a ______ family. There are 6 of ______: my parents, my grandparents, my sister and me.

As for my appearance, you can see yourself. I am _______. I have ______hair and ______ eyes.

I like _______and always go to the ______ in my free time.

2. Answer the questions to the text.

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. What are you?
  3. How old are you?
  4. Is your hair long or short?
  5. What are eyes like?
  6. Can you describe (описать) yourself?
  7. Where do you live?
  8. Have you any friends?

* * *

Text 2. My Family and Me.

1. Complete text 1.

There are ………….of us in my family. We are a close family. We are sociable and …

My mother is a …………………  My mother is loving and ……….

My father is a ……………………… My father is strong and …………..

As for me, I think I am ……………………… I would like to be more ……..

I have (not) got……. My elder brother is active and …….
My little sister is pretty but ……….

I love my family ……

2. Answer the questions to the text.

  • main characteristic — главная черта характера
  1. How would you describe your family?
  2. What do your parents do?
  3. What are your parents’ main characteristics?
  4. What are your main characteristics?
  5. Have you got any brothers or sisters?
  6. How old are they?
  7. What are they like?
  8. What do you like doing together?

2. Complete text 2 with the words: close, sociable, get on, hobby, card, typical, intelligent, naughty, humour.

ОБРАЗЕЦ ПИСЬМА на тему «My Family»

Dear Ann,
Thank you for your letter. You asked me to write about my family.

Well, our family is a _____  Russian family: a father, a mother, two children (my little sister and me) and a cat. We are a _____  family and _____ well with each other.

My mum is a teacher at school. She is _____. Her ______ is painting. My dad is a computer _________. He is _________. He has a good sense of __________. My little sister Ann is funny and sometimes ____________.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,

* * *

Text 3. My Friends.

1. Complete the text.

I have a _____ friend. Her name is….. . She is a ______ girl.She has got ______ brown hair and ______ blue eyes. She is slim and ______. She is crazy about collecting dolls. She is very proud of her big _________.

We meet every day because we are in the same form. We talk during the ______and often _____ time together after school.

She is a good student and sometimes help me with my _______.

2. Answer the questions to the text.

  1. Have you got many friends?
  2. Who is your best friend?
  3. When did you make friends?
  4. What does your friend look like?
  5. Why do you like him (her)?
  6. What do you have in common?
  7. Do you share ideas?
  8. How often do you phone each other?
  9. How do you like to spend your time together?
  10. What does your friend like doing?

* * *

Text 4. My Place.

1. Complete the text.

My family lives on the _______ floor in a big house. Our flat is ______. We have two bedrooms, a _______, a _________ , a ________ and a toilet.

The biggest room in our flat is the _______. It is a _____ room with a big table in the center. In the _____ there is a cosy sofa. Just on the opposite wall there is a large flat screen.

When we are at home, we often _____ in the room and spend time playing games or watching TV.

2. Answer the questions to the text.

  1. Do you live in a flat or in a house?
  2. Is it big or small?
  3. How many rooms has it?
  4. What is there in the living-room?
  5. What is there in the kitchen?
  6. Do you have your own room?

* * *

Text 5. My School.

1. Complete the text.

My name is ____   I am ____. I am in the______ at school number _____.

I _____ a lot of subjects this year. I study Maths, History, Russian, English, Science, _______. I like _______. I don’t like _________.

I like school because I like to ________my friends during the breaks.

But I don’t like to get _____marks.

3. Answer the questions to the text.

  1. What school do you study at?
  2. What form are you in?
  3. What lessons / subjects do you like?
  4. What lessons / subjects don’t you like?
  5. How many subjects do you have? What are they?
  6. What subjects do you have in your timetable (on Monday)?
  7. What do you do at your English lessons?
  8. What subject would you like to study?
  9. Do you like breaks?
  10. Some schoolchildren don’t like school. Do you think why?

* * *

Text 6. My Birthday.

1. Complete the text.

My Last Birthday Party

Last year my sisters arranged a birthday party for me.

When I was out, they got _________for the party. They _________the house and _______ pizza. They decorate my room with the balloons. They _______on their best clothes and looked ________.

When I rang the doorbell, the music started playing. I came into the room and saw a big _________  on the table. _______ 13 candles on it.

My sisters sang to me, «Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, ……Happy birthday to you. »

I was very ……

Обратите внимание на слова: прежде всего, потом, и, итак, также. Они делают ваш рассказ более связным. Еще о словах-связках читайте ЗДЕСЬ (скоро)

How to Arrange a School Party

I am _____________to have a school party next week.

First of all, I will arrange date and time and write ____________ (приглашения).

Then I will think who can help me to organise the party. I think I will ask my friend Ilya to bring CDs. He will be responsible for ___________. I am _______ to ask my friend Slava to ________a guitar. He can play the guitar very __________. I will ask Anya to ________food.

And I will ask Sveta to make a____________. So, the girls will be ______________ for the meal.

Also I am ______ to buy small presents for my friends because we will have quizes and contests at the party.

I hope the party will  be _____________.

2. Answer the questions to the text.

  1. How old are you now?
  2. When is your birthday?
  3. Do you like birthday parties?
  4. How do you celebrate your birthday?
  5. Whom do you invite to your birthday party?
  6. You like to get presents, don’t you?
  7. What kind of presents do you like to get best of all?

* * *

Text 7. My Day (My Working Day / My Day Out)

1. Complete the text.

My school day begins early.

I get up at 7 o’clock, _______my face and dress. Then I ______ my bed and go to the _______to have my breakfast.

I leave home for school at 8 o’clock. On the way to school I often _____ my friends and we go the school ______.

I ______home at 3 o’clock.

I have dinner and after that______ because I am often _____.  When I have little homework, I can go to _______  or_______.

In the evening I usually ______ or______.

I ________to bed at 10 p.m.

2.1. Answer the questions to the text «My working Day».

  1. When do you get up on your working days?
  2. It is difficult for you to get up early, isn’t it?
  3. Do you usually make your bed?
  4. What do you usually have for breakfast?
  5. When do you leave home for school?
  6. Where is your school?
  7. How long does it take you to get to your school on foot?
  8. When do you come home?
  9. What do you do after that?
  10. What do you like to do in the evenings?
  11. When do you go to bed?

2.2. Answer the questions to the text «My Day Out»

  1. Do you like weekends? Why?
  2. What time do you get up?
  3. What do you do in the morning/ in the afternoon/ in the evening?
  4. Do you like to watch TV?
  5. Do you go to the park?
  6. Do you go swimming?
  7. Do you meet your friends?
  8. Who does shopping in your family?
  9. Do you like shopping?

2.3 Составьте свой рассказ по плану ниже. Обязательно используйте слова, передающие последовательность действий(СКОРО). Они выделены в тексте жирным шрифтом.

My Usual Day

I usually get up at about (около) …

Then I …

Next I

At school I …

When I come home from school, I …


We usually eat dinner at about…

I help my mother with dinner. I ….


After I do my homework, I like …

I always do …. before I go to bed.

* * *

Text 8. How I help about the house.

1. Complete the text.

My name is_____________. I live with parents.

I love my family and help my parents ________the house.

I always vacuum the ________. Sometimes I help my mother to _______the table. And I usually  ________ up after meals. I often ______my room and __________the flowers.

But I never do the___________. I don’t like it.

2. Answer the questions to the text.

  1. Do your friends help their parents?
  2. Do you help your parents about the house?
  3. Can you clean your room?
  4. Do you water the flowers?
  5. Do you wash the dishes?
  6. Do you help to lay the table?
  7. Do you vacuum the carpet?
  8. Do you go to the shops and buy food?
  9. What don’t you like to do?

* * *

Text 9. My Hobby.

1. Complete the text.

Our Hobbies

Different people like ____________ things. That’s why we have ____________ hobbies.

I am fond of________________________ ( 3 предложения о себе ).

My friend Nastya likes __________ . She is crazy about_____________( 3 предложения о своем друге/ подруге)

I think hobbies make our life ______________.

2. Answer the questions to the text.

  1. What hobbies do you know?
  2. Do you play any musical instrument?
  3. What is your hobby?
  4. Do you think your hobby may help you in future?
  5. What do you want to be?

* * *

Text 10. My Pet.

1. Complete the text.

The animals we keep at home are our_____. They can be dogs, _______,________,
________ or _______.

People are fond of pets. They like to watch them and treat them as real members of the family. Dogs and cats are our _________pets.

I have got  _____pets. In my house _________three cats, a dog, two hamsters and a parrot. I love them all and I am very _________ when I play with them. I _______care of them, too. My mum helps me to ________ them. When I grow up, I want to _______a vet and take ________of animals.

2. Answer the questions to the text.

  1. Have you got a pet?
  2. What pet is it?
  3. What is your pet like?
  4. How do you take care of your pet?
  5. Would you like to have one more pet?

* * *

Для написания статьи использованы разработки к различным учебникам,  а также пособие Т.Ю. Журина «Английский язык. 55 устных тем по английскому языку для школьников 5-11 класс» (частично переработанное и дополненное)

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Упражнения для 6 класса по английскому языку

Просмотр содержимого документа
«Упражнения для 6 класса по английскому языку»


Unit 1.

  1. Guess the meaning of the classroom expressions.

write a letter-

ask a questions-

read the text-

fill in the gaps-

listen to the teacher-

guess the meaning of the words-

match the words-

do the homework-

repeat after me-

use the dictionary-

answer the questions-

look at the blackbourd-

find the mistake-

  1. Выберите формы глагола to be:

Can, must, is, should, are, not, am, the.

  1. Закончите разделительные вопросы.

Masha is in the shop, ….?

They are glad, …?

Tom can read,…?

We aren’t late, …?

The boy mustn’t cry,…?

She isn’t fron Russia,…?

I am right, …?

  1. Напишите ответы на вопросы:

You are happy, aren’t you?

Kate and William aren’t married, are they?

Rosy can sing well, can,t she?

It is rainy in autumn, isn’t it?

  1. Дополните разделительные вопросы вспомогательными глаголами do/does, don’t/doesn’t.

We play computer games together, … we?

Bess writes very interesting fairy tales, … she?

They don’t use any dictionaries, … they?

My friend goes to the cinema very often, … he?


Unit 2

  1. С помощью таблицы составьте 6 повелительных предложений, предложения переведите.



write me a letter


buy a new toy for our baby


stop here


eat a lot of fruit and vegetables


celebrate your birthday


watch this film

  1. Найдите ошибки в предложениях, исправьте их.

  1. Let I guess the title of the book.

  2. Let you to read the text yourself.

  3. Let he know this secret.

  4. Let they help us.

  5. Let she phone her brother.

  1. Переведите на русский язык:

  1. light

  2. sleepover

  3. collection

  4. dinosaurs-

  5. plant-

  6. excursion-

  7. creepy-

  8. important note-

  9. tour-

  10. because-

  1. Переведите на английский язык:

  1. документы

  2. информация

  3. демонстрация

  4. ситуация

  5. профессор

  6. музей

  7. ночевка

  8. соглашаться

  9. семья

  10. счастливый

5.Cоедините словосочетания словом because, получившиеся предложения переведите:

i cannot open the door; he doesn’t know this song; he likes sport; the film is boring, he can’t sing; i haven’t got the kyes; children want to sleep, he is fun of football.


Unit 3,4

  1. Составьте диалог, используя слова и выражения:

Turn left, turn right, on the corner, go past, go down the street, go up the street, between, on the left side, on the right side, where is…?, how can I find…?, can you tell me…?, I can’t find…, How can I get to…?, place, square, bus stop.

  1. Переведите на английский язык:

Завтра, послезавтра, через день, через четыре дня, через неделю, через три недели, через месяц, через 6 месяцев, через год, через два года, в будущем, на следующий день, на следующей неделе, в следующем месяце, в следующем году

  1. Измените предложения, сократив слово will, где это возможно (например I will- I’ll), предложения переведите.

  1. He will find his dictionary.

  2. Tim and Jerry will be ral friends.

  3. Tomorrow it will be cold and snowy.

  4. Next week she will have a concert.

  5. I will predict your future.

  1. Закончите вопросы к предложению «The doctor will work in a new hospital next year»

  1. Will ……………?

  2. Who …………?

  3. Where ………?

  4. In what hospital………..?

  5. When …………….?

  1. Перечислите предметы, которые вы возьмете с собой

  1. в поход

  2. в школу

  3. в путешествие