Test yourself 6 класс биболетова ответы – Решебник задач и ГДЗ по Английскому языку 6 класс М.З. Биболетова, О.А. Денисенко, Н.Н. Трубанева


Test yourself. Sections 1-2 — Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

1. a) Match the words:

(to) watch the wildlife

(to) fall asleep

(to) join a club

(to) go on rides

(to) play board games

(to) save the animals

b) Complete the sentences with the word combination from Ex.1 (a)

Example: Scientist have done a lot to … . You can see them in different wildlife parks all over the world. — Scientist have done a lot to save the animals

1. When it is cold and windy, they stay at home and play board games. Sam is always lucky in Monopoly but Ann prefers Scrabble.

2. This park has great fun for children and teenagers. They can go on rides or enjoy other amazing activities.

3. Do you like to draw or to dance, to play chess or tennis? Then you can join a club any time during the school year.

4. Another way to learn more about nature is to watch the wildlife. You can do it everywhere: at the zoo, in the country or even in the centre of the city.

5. «I’m so tired that I could fall asleep sitting on my chair,» Emma said in a quiet voice.

2. Complete the text

Use: although, over, insects, various, watch, world, endangered

Sydney Wildlife Worlds is an Australian zoo. Although it was only opened in 2006, the zoo has become famous all over the world.

The Australian zoo consists of 10 parts where visitors can see different kinds of animals, birds, reptiles and insects. In fact, there are more than 6,000 creatures in the zoo. Some of them belong to the most endangered species on the planet.

In Sydney Wildlife World visitors can watch kangaroos, touch a snake, make friends with koala bears and meet Rex, who is the biggest salt water crocodile in captivity in the world.

There is always something happening in the zoo — exhibitions, shows, festivals. Visitors can take part in various activities and have a lot of fun.

Sydney Wildlife World is open evety day excert for Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

3. Make questions for the following answers

Example: How …? — Visitors can get to the wildlife park by bus.

                  How can visitors get to the wildlife park.

1. When does the zoo open?

2. Where did the children play with koala bears?

3. What will visitors see next summer?

4. Why has Jim taken some photos of swans?

5. How many animals are there in the zoo?

4. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter

Example: Nowadays there … many endangered animals on the planet

                  a) were   b) are   c) will be

1. Unfortunately, we … cut down the old trees in the park last year.

a) have to   b) will have to   c) had to

2. Where are the children? — They … Lotto in the living room.

a) are playing   b) play   c) played

3. They … their work a month ago. Now there is a nice pond in the park.

a) start   b) started   c) have started

4. The scientisit … his book about rare insects yet.

a) won’t … finish   b) didn’t … finish   c) hasn’t … finished

5. What … you …? — It’s the picture of my kitten.

a) are … drawing   b) do … draw   c) have … drawn

6. … you … a good time in the wildlife park yesterday?

a) Do … have   b) Did … have   c) Have … had

7. … you … me to set the table? — Yes, of course.

a) Do … help   b) Did … help   c) Will … help

8. Peter is fond of sport. He … football three times a week.

a) play   b) plays   c) is playing

5. Complete the sentences. Underline the right variant

Example: It was rainy yesterday. I (have to/had to) put my raincoat on.

1. He has a sore throat, so he (had to/will have to) go to the doctor tomorrow.

2. The children (don’t have to/didn’t have to)get up early now. It’s summer.

3. I have already watered the plants, you (don’t have to/won’t have to) water them in the evening.

4. The students (have to/had to) do a lot of homework every day. There are going to have a test in a week.

5. My grandma (have to/has to) wear glasses. She can’t see well.

6. «Let’s plant the flowers now, so we (don’t have to/won’t have to/won’t have to) do it tomorrow.»


Test yourself. Section 4-7 — Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

1. Complete the sentences with the correct jobs.

Example: This famous … is always on TV in the evening programs.

                  a) chemist        b) showman        c) diver

1) Look how beautifully this … is moving.

a) musician        b) dancer        c) explorer

2) What … created the music for this film?

a) actor        b) showman        c) composer

3) My brother is a good …, he’s had several concerts already.

a) pianist        b) artist        c) scientist

4) Who is the most famous British…? — William Shakespeare, I think.

a) writer        b) sportsman         c) astronaut

5) I think you’ll be a … . You count so fast and Maths is your favourite subject.

a) politician        b) diver        c) businessman

2. Complete the letter.

Use: world, soon, leading, competition, astronaut, drove.

Dear Nelly,

Your last letter was exiting. I’m so glad that you won a school swimming competition. Congratualations! Maybe, one day, you will get a world record.

My class and I meet to the sports centre last week. I drove a fast kart! It is a small car. I wore a helmet and a special uniform. It was fantastic!

By the way, you remember Billy, my younger brother, don’t you? He’s so funny. He wanted to become an astronaut and travel in space last year. And this year he has a leading role in our school theatre play!

Would you like to visit us? It would be lovely.

Take care of yourself.

Wtite to me soon.


3. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter.

Example: We …. …. to play tennis tomorrow.

                  a) aren’t going        b) don’t do         c) didn’t go

1) This famous sportsman  … world records every year!

a)broke        b) break        c) broken

2) Listen! The sisters … that beautiful song again.

a) sang        b) will sing        c) are singing

3) My school football team … a competition last month.

a) doesn’t win        b) haven’t won        c) didn’t win

4) My little brother always …. to sleep on time when he was a school boy.

a) went        b) goes         c) will go

5) … you … to be an actor?

a) Are … going         b) Will … go       c) Have …. gone

6) My favourite actress …. in Titanic movie. Have you seen it?

a) stared     b) star         c) will star

7) — … you take pat in the project?

— I haven’t decided yet.

a) Did        b) Do         c) Will

8) — … you already … this book by J.Kipling? — Yes, would you like to take it?

a) Are … reading        b) Have … read         c) Did … read

9) He … the leading role in the perfomance yesterday.

a) hasn’t got        b) doesn’t get        c) didn’t get

10) I … just … this book. It’s really worth reading.

a) have … read        b) will … read         c) am … reading

4. Put in the right reflexive pronoun.

Example: Travis wrote this song by himself.

1) Jack, plese clean up your oom by yourself.

2) Did she draw this beautiful picture by herself.

3) This trip could be dangerous, take care of yourself.

4) When my brother was 3 years old he couldn’t to anything by himself.

5) Yeasterday I hurt myself when I was riding a bike.

6) They are good cooks. They can cook eveything by themself.

7) We arranged for Frankie’s birthday party by ourselfes.

8) Do you need my help? — No, thank you. I’ll do it myself.

5. Put the adjectives in the right form.

Example: This winter is colder than the previous one. (cold)

1) Make yourself comfortable! Take that armchair it is cosier than this one.

2) That trip to Africa was the most dangerous in my life!

3) Who is stronger an elephant or a tiger?

4) The excursion to the British Museum was more interesting than the one to the National Gallery.

5) Watch out! My karate is better than yours!

6) What! That’s the worst news ever! Are you sure that we won’t go on the excursion tomorrow?

7) William is the most talented singer in our class.


Test yourself. Section 1-3 — Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

1. a) Match the words to make phrases.

to have some trouble

to celebrate Christmas

to make he mistake

to do the shopping

to connect people

to get some experience

b) Complete the sentences with the new word combination in the correct form.

Example: During our visit to Ireland, we had trouble understanding people there.

1) We are a close family, and we always celebrate holidays together. My favourite is Christmas.

2) I didn’t make a mistake in the Maths test last week. So I’ve got an excellent mark!

3) What can connect people from different countries? — A common project.

4) My sister likes to do the shopping. She spends all her free time in shopping centres.

5) If you take part in our project, you will get some experience in creating computer games.

2. Complete the letter.

Use: thrilling, сlover, experience, explorer, brings, changeable, trouble.

Dear Danny,

Thank you for your letter. I didn’t know that you are a real explorer.

I am going to tell you about my amazing experience travelling. A month ago I took part in a trip around Bellfast. We went hiking and slept in tents. At first, it wasn’t very comfortable to sleep in the tents. But later, I didn’t have any trouble sleeping in the tent.

During the trip, the weather was changeable, Although it was usually rainy and cool in the morning, it was sunny and warm later during the day.

The whole trip was thrilling. We visited places which tourists very rarely visit, enjoyed the lovely countryside and took lots of photos. During the trip, I found a fout-leaf clover. They say it brings good luck, so maybe one day I’ll become a real explorer. too!

Plese, write more to mo more about your trips and adventures! Where are you going to next summer?

Best wishes,


3. Write down the dates.

Example: My granddad was born in … (1949). — My granddad was born in nineteen-forty nine.

1) When are Olympic Games going to be in Sochi? — In twenty forteen.

2) This ancient town was discovered in eighteen-ninety eight.


Test yourself. Sections 3-4 — Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

1. Complete the sentences. Fill in some / any, much / many

Example: Would you like … milk? — Yes, plese. — Would you like some milk.

1. How many potatoes do you need for your salad? — Two or three.

2. Have we got any jam? — Yes, yout favourite jam is in the kitchen.

3. Can I have some coffee? — Yes, here you are.

4. How much does is cost? — 30 pounds.

5. Are there any apples in the fridge? — Yes, there are some.

6. Can you buy some biscuits? — Yes, of course. Anything else.

2. Complete the text

Use: vegetables, delicious, world, makes, cook, dishes, succes, recipes

Ratatouille is a traditional French dish which consists of different vegetables.

However, in 2008, a new Ratatouille appeared. It was an American cartoon, which has become popular all over the world.

The main characters in the cartoon is Remi, a nice smart rat. He likes cooking and knows plenty of recipes. He can cook various dishes.

Although people don’t usually like rats, Remi makes friends with a young man who works in a French restaurant. Remi tiches his new friend how to cook delicious dishes. Their dishes are a succes and the two friends start a new restaurant Ratatouille. Would you like to visit their restaurant and try one of their famous dishes — Ratatouille?

3. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter.

Example: You can see different kinds … animals in the zoo.

                  a) off   b) of   c) for

1. The students will have Science instead … Maths. The Maths teacher has fallen ill.

a) off   b) of   c) from

2. Mum, could I go … some rides? — Yes, of course.

a) of   b) at   c) on

3. There are plenty …, ways to cook this tasty dish.

a) of   b) on  c) in

4. Carol was responsible … the rare topical plant, wasn’t she?

a) on   b) at   c) for

5. Could you help me … my homework? — Yes, i’ll try.

a) on   b) with   c) of

6. The students fely sorry … their new classmate.

a) of   b) for   c) on

7. May I come …? — Yes, you may.

a) out   b) on   c) in

4. Complete the letter. Put the verbs in the correct form


Great Britain

1 December

Dear Kate,

Thany you for your letter. It was nice to learn about your school and your classmates. As for my school, it’s a big secondary school.

Last year my family moved to London because of my father’s job. I wasn’t very happy about going to a new school. However, very soon I made new friends and liked the school.

My favourite subjects are Maths, IT and PE. Our school has very good sports facilities: a gym, six tennis courts and a large games field. Phillip, my best friend, often plays football there. But I prefer bascketball or volleyball.

When classes are over, we are bosy too. The teachers encourage the students to take part in various clubs. I have joined the photography and chess clubs recently. Next term, our school theatre group will put on «Tom Sowyer».

We have various school events every month. A week ago we had a Sports Day. Unfortunatelly, Philip and I did not take part in the competitions. We were ill.

What school events do you have? What are your favourite subjects?

Write back soon.

Best wishes,


5. Make questions for the following answers

Example: How many …? — There are 1,000 students in the school.

                 How many students are there in the school?

1. Where do they have lunch?

2. When did the students go camping?

3. What is Mr Smith explaining?

4. Why are they students happy?

5. What club have the friends joined?

6. Who has never been to the wildlife park?


Test yourself. Section 1-3 — Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

1. a) Match the words

(to) repair my bike

(to) go hiking

(to) play volleyball

(to) explore the valley

(to) separate the garden from

b) Complete the sentences with word combinations

Example: What are you doing? — I’m planting the bushes. I want … the road. — I want to separate the garden from the road

1. Will you join us on our cycking trip tomorrow? — I’m afraid, I wont. I must repair my bike first

2. Every summer, we go hiking in the mountains. We sleep in tents and make fires to cook breakfast and dinner

3. Can you play volleyball? — Yes, I can. But I like basketball more

4. The young tourists decided to explore the valley and draw a map of it

2. Complete the sentences. Cicrle the right letter

Example: My dream is to sail round the … like the great explorers of the past

                  a) world b) countries c) continents

1. During the storm, the … are very dangerous for ships and sailors

a) hills   b) mountains   c) cliffs

2. The Sahara … is the largest on the planet

a) valley   b) desert   c) park

3. In big cities, lots of people are fond of … . They usually run in the parks and along the streets

a) cycling   b) hiking   c) jogging

4. The … of mountain Everest is 8,848 metres

a) height   b) length   c) high

5. Each country has its own … of nature. For example, Russia is famous for its Lake Baikal

a) works   b) wonders   c) surprises

3. Complete the text

Use: longest, valleys, explore, powerful, other, separates

The River Severn is the longest river in Great Britain. It is 354 km long. The Severn separates Wales from England. There are several waterfalls at the source of the river. They are not very high or powerful. However, lots of people go there to take photos of the wonderful waterfalls. Then the Severn runs though green hills and beautiful valleys. There are many old towns and modern cities on the banks of the Severn. In summer, many tourists cycle along the river and explore the countryside. On the one hand, travelling by bike is very exciting but, on the other hand, it can be rather dangerous and difficult.

4. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter

Example: Yesterday, we … a birthday present for Tom. I think he’ll be happy to get a new computer game. a) buy   b) bought   c) have bought

1. What’s the name of the waterfall? — I …

a) don’t know   b) didn’t know   c) haven’t know

2. What are you doing? —  I … the Internet. I need some information about Niagara Falls

a) browse   b) am browsing   c) browsed

3. Did you have a nice trip? — Yes, the weather … fine. we swam and sunbathed every day

a) is   b) was   c) will be

4. … you already … the new film about Francic Drake? — Not, yet. Is it worth watching?

a) Do … see   b) Did … see   c) Have … seen

5. Jim, there … a lot of homework to do. Let’s begin with Maths

a) is   b) are   c) —

6. They … just from Karelia. Here is a souvenir for you

a) return   b) returned   c) have returned

7. Unfortunately, the explorer … his e-mail last night

a) doesn’t chek   b) didn’t chek   c) hasn’t cheked

5. Complete the sentences

Use: is, are, was, were

Example: Have got any milk? — Yes, there … some in the fridge. — Yes, there is some in the fridge

1. Any news? — Yes, but the news is not very good today

2. There were only 15,000 people in the town in 1995. Now, more than 100,000 people live there

3. I liked the concert yesterday. The music was beautiful

4. What are the children going to do? —  don’t know. Let’s wait and see

6. Complete the text. Fill inthe definite article the if necessary

What do you know about India? It is situated in the south of Asia. The capital of the country is Delhi. The country is famous for its wonderful palaces, unique churches and exciting nature. Thousands of tourists from Europe, the USA and the Russian Federation come to this Asian country every year. Most tourists visit Agra, the well-known Indian city


Test yourself. Section 4-6 — Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 6 класс (ответы)

1. Complete the sentences. Underline the right variant

Example: In the evening. Mrs Flower (watches/sees) TV

1. In the morning, I (make/do) my bed

2. What (is she/does she look) like? — She has wavy fair hair and blue eyes

3. Have you got any hobbies? — Yes, I like to (take/make) photos

4. William is a (handsome/beautiful) young man

5. (Look/see) at the photo! It’s my nephew’s birthday

2. Complete the text

Use: ready, from, went, countryside, handsome, wore, bonfire, before, summer

Mike got up early in morning and started to pack his bag. He put in his favourite book, Scrabble and his camera. Now he was ready to go to Grandpa’s . His grandpa lived in the countryside among high pine trees and green fields. His house was situated not far from the lake.

Mike always spent a part of his summer holidays with his grandparents. Together with his grandpa, Mike went fishing, flew a kite and played Scrabble in the evenings. His grandpa had taught him how to repair bikes and make a bonfire.

Mike found his grandpa in the kitchen. He was a handsome tall man with short grey hair. He wore glasses like Mike did. «Hi, Mike! Will you have breakfast before we leave?» asked his grandpa. «No, I’ll have breakfast at your place. Grandma has got something nice for me, hasn’t she?» said Mike

3. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter

Example: On Saturday I look … my younger sister who is only two years old

                  a) for   b) after   c) like

1. My cousins are smart and friendly. We get …. well with each other

a) on   b) up   c) of

2. We found the cat under the bench in the park. … that we sent SMS  to our  grandma

a) At   b) After   c) In

3. What are you going to do … Saturday! — It depends on the weather

a) at   b) for   c) on

4. They were very hospitable and I left … home in their house

a) at   b) in   c) of

5. The people fought heroically … their country and won the war

a) for   b) on   c) to

6. There was a big concert … honour of the famous composer

a) for   b) at   c) in

7. Will you set … fireworks on the New-Year night? — Of course, we will. It’s a tradition

a) of   b) off   c) up

4. Complete the sentences. Use the Past Simple and the Present Perfect

Example: I … doing my homework (just, finish) — I have just finished doing my home work .  I can go for a walk with you

1. — Have you read the book about admiral Nelson?

— Not yet. However, I saw a film about him last month.

2. The young explorers have already been to Dover.

They visited the White Cliffs of Dover a week ago.

3. Alice has already bought a nice present for her niece.

She found the present in the shopping centre yesterday.

5. Complete the sentences. Use which or who

Example: My grandma lives in a nice green town which is situated not far from Liverpool

1. Ann often met the famous actor who lived next to her house

2. He knows the shop which sells real English tea. Let’s ask him how to get there

3. Alexander Milne was the man who wrote an amazing story about Winnie the Pooh and his friends

4. A limerick is a poem which is short and funny

6. Make questions for the following answers

Example: Where …? — I spent my summer holidays in the country.

                  Where did you spend your summer holidays?

1. When do they celebrate this holiday?

2. Who lives in the countryside?

3. Where is she sweeping the floor?

4. What is Susan like?

5. How many cousins has Jim got?


Рт Биб 6. Гдз по английскому языку 6 класс Биболетова Enjoy English рабочая тетрадь Workbook 2017 ФГОС

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6 класс Английский язык Биболетова

Учебник Рабочая тетрадь

Онлайн УчебникГдз

Гдз по английскому языку 6 класс Биболетова Enjoy English рабочая тетрадь 2017

Быстрый перевод страниц:

Часть 1: 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435363738394041424344454647484950515253545556575859606162636465666768697071727374757677787980818283848586878889909192939495969798

Unit 1. Привет! Приятно увидеть тебя снова!
Section 1-6


Section 7


Test yourself 1 Test yourself 2 Project

Unit 2. Мы собираемся поехать в Лондон
Section 1-4


Section 5


Test yourself 3 Test yourself 4 Project

Unit 3. Облики Лондона
Section 1-7


Section 8


Test yourself 5 Test yourself 6 Project

Unit 4. Узнаём больше о друг друге
Section 1-5


Section 6


Test yourself 7 Test yourself 8 Project

Гдз по английскому языку 6 класс Биболетова Enjoy English рабочая тетрадь 2017

О книге

Учебно-методический комплект “Английский с удовольствием” / “Enjoy English” (6 класс)

включает следующие компоненты:

• учебник

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Биболетова М. 3., Денисенко О. А., Трубанева Н. Н.

Б59 Английский язык: Английский с удовольствием / Enjoy English: Рабочая тетрадь № 1 к учебнику для 5 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2013.— 96 с.: ил.

(SBN 978-5-86866-541-7


Рабочая тетрадь № 1 является составной частью учебно-методического комплекта “Анлийский с удовольствием” для 6-го класса общеобразовательных учреждений, в которых английский язык изучается со 2-го класса по федеральному государственному образовательному стандарту второго поколения. .

Основное назначение рабочей тетради — закрепить языковой и речевой материал учебника, автоматизировать лексико-грамматические навыки, развивать умения учащихся в чтении и письменной речи.

Широкий спектр разнообразных заданий, требующих от учащихся творческого отношения при их выполнении, в том числе наличие заданий повышенной трудности, занимательных кроссвордов и прочих заданий, позволяет реализовать личностноориентированный подход при работе с учащимися с разным уровнем подготовки и с разными интересами.

В тетрадь включены типы заданий, часто используемые в итоговой аттестации, что готовит учащихся к объективному контролю и самоконтролю в процессе изучения английского языка.

ББК 81.2Англ-922


Unit 1 Launching the International Explorers’ Club 3

Section 1 Welcome to the International Explorers’ Club! 3
Section 2 Meeting new friends 6
Section 3 Speaking about the wonders of nature 8
Section 4 Staying with a British family 11
Section 5 An Englishman’s home is his castle 14
Section 6 Speaking about important British days 16
Section 7 Reading for pleasure 20
Project «The International Explorers’ conference starts its work» 25
Test yourself Sections 1-3 26
Test yourself Sections 4-6 28

Unit 2 Spending time together 30

Section 1 Enjoying the weekend 30
Section 2 Speaking about animals 33
Section 3 Help yourself! 36
Section 4 Speaking about British school 38
Section 5 Reading for pleasure 41
Project «Let’s cook a special dish for Christmas» 47
Test yourself Sections 1-2 48
Test yourself Sections 3-4 50

Unit 3 Learning more about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 52

Section 1 Would you like to take part in the international Internet project? 52
Section 2 What do you know about the United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland? 54
Section 3 Let’s arrange a trip to England!! 56
Section 4 Enjoying the countryside of Wales and Northern Ireland 57
Section 5 We are going to visit Scotland! 59
Section 6 What do you know about famous British people? 61
Section 7 Spending your free time 63
Section 8 Reading for pleasure 65
Project «Let’s read our favourite British books!» 71
Test yourself Sections 1-3 72
Test yourself Sections 4-7 74

Unit 4 Talking about an adventure holiday 76

Section 1 Would you like to feel the spirit of adventure? 76
Section 2 Talking about the great explorers of the world 79
Section 3 What popular sports in Britain and Russia do you know? 80
Section 4 Exploring the water world’s adventure 82
Section 5 Welcome to festivals and holidays in Great Britain and Russia 84
Section 6 Reading for pleasure 86
Project «Visit our school’s website «Welcome to Russia!»» 91
Test yourself Sections 1-2 92
Test yourself Sections 3-6 94