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Тест по английскому языку (6 класс) по теме: Подготовка к ГИА для 6 класса

UNIT 6 READING 1 Looking for Love

John is 52 years old. He is not married. Every day he comes home from work and eats dinner alone. Then he watches TV alone. At 11 o’clock he goes to bed alone. John is not happy. He has a good job and a nice house, but he doesn’t have love. He wants a wife. How can John find a wife? One day he has an idea. John is a painter, and he drives a small truck. He paints these words on his truck:







Hundreds of women write letters to John. He reads all the letters. He likes one letter very much. The letter is from Bobbi. Bobbi is 33 years old, and she is divorced. She has two children and a dog. John calls Bobbi, and they meet. One week later John paints his truck white. «I’m not looking for love now,» John says with a smile. One year later John and Bobbi are married.

1. Why does John eat dinner alone?

A.        He comes home from work late.

B.        His wife is sleeping.

C.        Не is single.

2.        Why doesn’t he have love?

A.        He is busy with his house.

B.        He doesn’t have a wife.

C.        Не devotes all his time to his job.

3.        What does he do?

A.        He is an artist.

B.        He is a driver.

C.        Не is a worker.

4.        How does he like to spend his free time?

A.        He likes to play loud outdoor games.

B.        He likes to spend his free time visiting the Zoo.

C.        Не likes to spend quiet evenings at home.

5.        What kind of person is he?

A.        He is hard-working.

B.        He is rude.

C.        Не is nervous.

6.        Why does John call Bobbi?

A.        She is much younger than John.

B.        She has two children and a dog.

C.        She is divorced.

7.        Why does John paint his truck white?

A.        It is his favourite colour.

B.        The white colour means happiness.

C.        Не wants to paint his previous sign.


In which of the stories does the writer state the following:

  1. It erupted in the 20th century. _____
  2. This volcano erupted twice._____        
  3. The island disappeared after the eruption.                
  4. The fewest people died during the eruption.        _____        
  1. The town disappeared after the eruption.                
  2. A lot of trees were destroyed.                
  3. The largest number of people died after the eruption.        ______
  1. This volcano is in Europe.        
  2. It erupted in the 19th century._____        

Volcano Stories

A   Nearly 2,000 years ago, in AD 79, Mount. Vesuvius, near Naples in Italy, erupted one night. A river of burning rocks came down the sides of the mountain. A massive cloud of volcanic gas and ash covered the town of Pompeii. The hot ash caught people inside their houses, and about 20,000 of them died. The mountain erupted again in 1944, but this time nobody died.

в   One of the most powerful eruptions of a volcano in modern times was on 27th August, 1883. The volcano on the island of Krakatoa, in Indonesia, erupted with an enormous bang! Volcanic rock and dust went 55 kilometres into the sky and some of it came down again 5,300 kilometres away ten days later. People in Australia, 5,000 kilometres away, heard the explosion. The island of Krakatoa completely disappeared. The eruption created a huge wave, 36 metres high, and 36,380 people died in the water of the wave.                                                                                                                                                                                          С   Mount Saint Helens is in the state of Washington, in the north-west of the USA. It erupted suddenly on 18th May, 1980. It was a very violent eruption. In the explosion 400 metres of rock vanished from the top of the mountain into the air. It killed thousands of trees 20 kilometres away, down the slopes of the mountain. Sixty-five people also died.

 LISTENING  The Lady Who Lives on a Plane

1. Why do Joanne’s grandsons like to visit her?

A.        She lives near the airport.

B.        She lives on a plane.

С.    She allows them to fly a plane. 46

2.        How many rooms are there in her plane?’

A.        There are four rooms.

B.        There are five rooms.
   C.  There are six rooms.                                                                                                  3.        When does she open her four doors?

A.        In case of emergency.

B.        When there are a lot of friends.
С.  When it is hot.

4.        Where did the plane fly?

A.        To the continent.

B.        To the Caribbean Sea.

C.        To Florida.

5.        How long is the plane?

A.        It is thirty-two meters long.

B.        It is twenty-seven meters long.

C.        It is forty-two meters long.

6.        Who serves guests their drinks when there is a party?

A.        Nobody.

B.        Joanne herself.  
C.   A flight attendant.                                                                                                 7.        Why does Joanne want a Boeing 747?
A.    It is not very expensive.

B.        She wants to have a two-storey plane.

C.        She wants to have a more comfortable plane.


For three days we walked, the land on either side of Solomon’s road was rich and well cared for. We saw farms and (1) ____,  with   people  planting crops  and  young boys looking after the animals, they were raising long (2)___ high above their heads and bringing them down on the animals’ backs, to drive them along. During the trip I was able to (3)____to the older warrior, whose name was Infadoos. He told me all about Twala, their king, as well as their (4)___and cultural systems. By the time we arrived at the king’s (5) ____I was already something of an expert in their tribe’s affairs. I knew that their king was unpopular, as he was a (6) ____man, who had killed his elder brother to gain the throne, and sent his brother’s young (7) ___, who should  have been the next king, into exile. We did not see the king (8) ___the following morning, when we went to the gates of his palace, around which were gathered (9) ___thousand warriors. When the king came (10) ______ with a younger man and an old woman we (11)___ see that he was a fat, sweaty man, with only one (12) ___. He looked at us and walked around us.


A   lakes

В   fields

С   rivers

D   towns


A   stones

В   flags

С   balloons

D   sticks


A   speak

В   ask

С   answer

D   tell


A   sports

В   foreign

С   political

D   traditional


A  garden

В   capital

С   house

D   palace


A   generous

В   careful

С   cruel

D   honest


A   wife

В   son

С   daughter

D   niece


A   until

В   after

С   and

D   while


A   several

В   some

С   more

D   few


A   to

В   near

С   behind

D   out


A   can

В   were

С   could

D   would


A   nose

В   eye

С   neck

D   mouth

USE OF ENGLISH 2   Tom’s New Love

beautiful        incredible        towards        summer       century       garden
angel        shirt        fence        heart        leave        forgot        week

Walking past Jeff Thatcher’s house, Tom saw a new girl in the (1)___. She had long yellow hair and blue eyes and was dressed in a white (2)___ dress. She was the most (3)___creature Tom had ever seen. A certain Amy  Lawrence immediately vanished out of his (4)        _; he thought he loved her more than anything else in the world — in fact, he had only won her a (5)___ago. Then, for seven days, he had been the happiest boy alive. Now, in one instant, he (6)___her completely. When this (7)___noticed him, Tom began showing off in all sorts of ways to impress her — doing (8)____gymnastic performances. Then he saw

that she was going (9)        the house, but before going in, she turned and threw a flower over the (10)___.Tom ran to pick it up and put it inside his (11)___, next to his heart, or, at least, next to where he thought his heart must be. But he did not (12)        the fence. He remained there, hoping to see her at the window, but she did not appear.

                                  USE OF ENGLISH 3    Behind the Mirror                                                                                                        Alice was in a beautiful garden. There (1)___a house with the door ореn. Alice went in. In the kitchen there was a woman with a baby, a frog laying (2) ____table, a cook and  a fish.  The frog was  putting the  plates and  glasses (3) ____the table-upside down! The knives and forks were in the wrong position! The fish was standing near the woman. It had a letter. The kitchen was full (4)____smoke and the cook was smashing plates on the floor! Everybody was sneezing! «There is too (5)        ____pepper in the soup,» said the woman and sneezed again.

      ‘A letter for the Duchess (6)____the Queen,» said the fish. «What does it say?» asked the Duchess. The fish read, «Dear Duchess, come and (7)____croquet with me. NOW.» «Oh dear, I must go,» said the Duchess. «I (8) ___ play croquet with the Queen. There are always tasty things to eat. There (9)___ cakes and tarts and fizzy things to drink at the castle.»   The   Duchess   gave  the   baby   to   Alice.   «What

(10)        funny baby,» said Alice. «It’s got a big nose and small eyes. It’s all pink. Oh,» she shouted. «It’s a PIG!» The pig  jumped down and ran (11)____. «(12)___strange people,» thought Alice. «I think I’ll go back outside.»



Решебник задач и ГДЗ по Английскому языку 6 класс Тренировочные упражнения в формате ГИА Комиссаров К.В., Кирдяева О.И. Углубленный уровень

ГДЗ Английский язык 6 класс Тренировочные упражнения в формате ГИА Starlight Углубленный уровень

авторы: Комиссаров К.В., Кирдяева О.И..

Сборник тренировочных упражнений по Английскому языку 6 класс Комиссаров К.В. Starlight является вспомогательным компонентом для школьников, он закрепит уже имеющиеся навыки и поможет лучше разобраться с предметом. Содержит разнообразные и интересные задачки к каждому модулю учебника, направленные на тренировку письменной и устной речи. Данная книга ориентирована на школьную программу, составленную в соответствии с ФГОС, и становится отличным дополнительным материалом для изучения. Применять его можно не только в школе, но и дома, чтобы подтянуть свои умения. Решебник содержит в себе готовые ответы с объяснениями к сложным пунктам, особенно это касается

УМК «Звёздный английский». ГДЗ станет настоящим помощником, как для юного ученика, так и для взрослых, которые осуществляют контроль своего ребенка и хотят повысить его успеваемость.

ГДЗ выполняет две полезные функции:

— Позволяет получать больше пятерок. Тщательная проверка выполненного задания с помощью решебника помогает исключить наличие возможных ошибок, которые были допущены из-за банальной невнимательности, или пропуска нескольких тем по болезни. Таким образом, учащийся придет на занятия полностью подготовленным и обязательно получит 5 баллов за Д/З.

— Улучшает знания. Благодаря поэтапному углублению в каждый вопрос, представленный в решебнике, шестиклассник сможет выполнить домашнюю работу, и наконец-то понять не поддающиеся ранее правила. Чтобы это подействовало, важно заниматься не просто списыванием, а именно вдумчивым разбором информации, что и могут обеспечить заботливые родители.

Онлайн решебник к сборнику тренировочных упражнений Комиссарова находится в свободном доступе, поэтому для его получения не придется платить большие средства в магазинах, или тратить часы на поиски в книжных, теперь достаточно только открыть пособие на гаджете, и использовать его в любом месте.


Решебник по английскому языку за 6 класс тренировочные задания в формате ГИА Spotlight Ваулина Ю.Е., Подоляко О.Е. ФГОС

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