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Spotlight on Russia Номер 10


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ГДЗ (готовое домашние задание из решебника) на Spotlight on Russia Номер 10 по учебнику Английский язык. 5 класс. Учебник для общеобразовательный организаций. Ю.Е. Ваулина, Д. Дули, О.Е. Подолянко, В. Эванс. — 11 издание, Просвещение, 2019г.


Here’s another e−mail to the Spotlight on Russia website.
Dear Spotlight on Russia
Hi! We’re in Class 4C at Wood End School in South London. We’re doing a school project about celebrations around the world. Can you tell us about a special Russian celebration?
Read the answer from Class 5 at a Moscow school. They’ve got great photographs too!
Maslenitsa Spring Festival
‘Maslenitsa’ is the week before Lent. It’s when Russians say goodbye to winter and welcome spring. It’s a time of singing, dancing and fun. There’s a lot to eat, too – especially blinis, which are delicious butter pancakes.
Children dress up and play in the snow. We go for sleigh rides, go sledging, have snowball fights and lots more. We make a straw doll of ‘Lady Maslenitsa’, who is dressed in special clothes. On Sunday evening, we burn Lady Maslenitsa on a big bonfire. The spring festival is over and Lent begins.

This is the straw doll that we call ‘Lady Maslenitsa’. She’s pretty, isn’t she?

Children in fancy dress

We’re having a tug−of−war in the snow.

We’re dancing around Lady Maslenitsa.
• Is this how you celebrate Maslenitsa in your area? What’s different / the same?
• Do you like Maslenitsa? Why / Why not? What’s your favourite celebration?
Write and tell us about another traditional Russian celebration. Send photos too!

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